In our last lesson, we learnt about what a GIST is. A GIST is a summary using around 20 words or less, using keywords and a few of our own words too. We also took out keywords. In that lesson we worked with a partner, I worked with Tom. Here is what I did, and the link:

1st keywords: Evidence, humans, catching, 40,000 years, archaeological, fish bones, cave painting, sea foods, important and mans diet.

1st GIST: Evidence shows humans have been catching fish for 40,000 years, and evidence reveals seafood is important for a prehistoric mans diet.

2nd keywords: recreational fishing, variety ways, and catching fish.

2nd GIST: Fishing can be done in a variety of different ways.

3rd keywords: People consider, fishing, hook and line, pole, rods, reels, prohibited by law variety of ways, 40,000 years recreational fishing, humans, sea foods, catching, fishing, evidence, fish.

3rd GIST: Humans have been catching fish for years, it is done in a variety of ways and hook and line is the main way.


That is what I did in that lesson, hope you enjoyed, thanks, keep looking on my blog in the future, ill have more😎, This was a hard lesson.

By Alexander, Thanks

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  1. Hi Alex,
    I hope you are have fun in London and I can not wait to see you at school. Also what are you doing right now I hope whatever you are doing you are having fun! I will ask lots of questions so be ready and I will play soccer with you this will be fun!

    From your best friend Christian!:)

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