To Australia

Coming back from school Charles checked the mail and there was mail. He said, “Mum there’s mail.” Mum said, OK we’ll go inside and give it to dad.” They went inside and gave it to dad.

Dear Sir, you will be moving to Australia to explore. Australia is very big and dangerous. You will get weapons to protect your self’s with. You can bring your family with you and you can come back to London In five years. You will leave on the 2nd of April 1802.

From the Government.

“Oh no! We know nothing about Austalia and why us we love London!” “We should send a letter to them.” Then they sent a letter.

Dear Government, We would not like to go to Australia because we know nothing about Australia, Do we need to go?

Two weeks later got a letter saying they need to go. They were so crestfallen.

It was the day they were going to leave to go to Australia, they weren’t very exited. It was a half an hour walk to the port. They said bye to there family and left.

Seven months later they were there. “I can see it! I think that’s Australia!” says Charles. “who are they, Indians? They were getting off the ship and there were no more Indians (Aboriginals). After that they built a little home for then. But then the Indians (Aboriginals) attacked. “They’re attacking, fight them!” screamed the brother and dad. They were safe after a good half an hour. They lived a good life in Australia and returned to London in five years.

The End

Hear me read my story:

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