Prank Wars

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Screams my brother. Then he sprinted off. He woke me up why? Because all he does is annoy me. “Hey Noob, Why did you wake me up!” I shout. It was time to get him back. That day I prepared a prank.


It was the next morning. Here I go.*SPLASH* I left the bucket on his head and sprinted away. “Haha, get rekt Noob!” Next morning he did the worst ever prank. He drew the phrase “LOL”. My next prank on him was super funny. I dropped a box of eggs on him, but he got cut an egg shell and…


We were at hospital and a doctor said he was sick from it somehow. He had Sssmasmourtamoutamas. What is that, I really don’t know? We locked him in his bedroom so we don’t get sick.


Next day I hacked a lot of things including; a PC, an Ipad, and an Iphone.


That’s what happened in my crazy life.

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