November 22

100 WC

I was at the park with Bob. We saw a creepy statue. It got us a bit scared but we didn’t leave. We were walking at the park at 3:am. The scariest thing in my whole life happened, the statue moved. We ran away but it appeared in front of us. We screamed. It grabbed us. We wriggled free, got a branch, and threw it at it. We kicked it and it broke but we had to pay a lot for breaking it. We said it was haunted no one believed us. We payed 1,000 dollars. Well for us that’s nothing we are rich.

That’s the haunted statue we encountered.

November 20


One day Bob hit his head and cried. “WAAAAAAAAAA!” Cried Bob. No one liked Bob because it was like he was a noob to life. Bob was also so dumb that he walked into walls!


Then Bob made a friend called Nob and they became best friends. They always stayed together. One dumb day they saw a killer clown and they didn’t know what to do. So they stole his truck and sped off. They killer clown caught up, but they ran him over. They went to play soccer but there were 50 killer clowns chasing them. They ran them all over, sped home, and played Xbox, but after half an hour they saw another killer clown this time at the window. Bob got super scared and screamed. Then he ran into the wall and broke it, so he hid in the wall. Bob did crazy dabbing. He was saying; OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH YOU CAN’T FIND ME NOOB! And he was gone.


I didn’t know Bob could do that.