October 28

School captain speech

Hi I’m Alex and I think I would be a great school captain. I have been at this school for 5 years and I know it would be hard being school captain but I know I would be a great one. I have done SRC once in grade 4, did a great job and didn’t miss a meeting. I know many things people want on the oval for sport like bigger soccer goals, better grass and toilets. Here are some reasons about why I should be school captain.

I am really organised. I always do my homework that requires organisation, and I also had to plan stuff in SEPEP like training. As a school captain it requires great leadership and I also have that. I was coach in sepep and it requires leadership because you lead the team and tell them what to do. So I would be a great school leader.

I’m an amazing public speaker too. In debates last term I did really well as 3rd speaker in my first debate and 1st in my second. I also have a really loud and projective voice. So I would be able to read awards clearly in assembly.

I am very responsible and a great role model. Many things I do require responsibility like staying home with my sister when my parents go somewhere. I have to look after my sister and that takes responsibility. I am also a great role model. I am a role model to my prep buddy and try to not to do many bad things especially around smaller kids.

I am super reliable too. I have to do many things for my parents. They rely on me to take the rubbish out, clean my room and many more things. I also show the school values. I try to be respectful to people and teachers. I am very optimistic. And care about people and their ideas. I’m very collaborative, I can work with a lot of different people well, not just friends.

I listen to peoples ideas and care about them so people can be heard. I would give everyone a chance to give ideas. I also am very kind to people. When things get hard I persevere and get through. All the time at school I preserve all the time. I don’t like school very much, but I do my best still.

Those were some reasons why I should be school captain. School captain is a role I’d love to have. Thank you for listening to my speech.

October 27


Facts: A rover landed on Mars in 2012. Mars actually used to have water. The rover explores mars and can take pictures of it.

Questions: What if the rover hits something and breaks? How does it slow down so fast?

Understanding: I understand that humans are trying to find a way to live on mars.












October 14

Video reflection

Facts: Babylon is the birthplace of earliest forms of modern horoscopic astrology. Not much is known about the mayans because their stuff got burnt by Spanish concestodors. Mayans made something called the Mayan long count calendar.

questions: Who first found out about space. How did they get information about space.

Understanding: I understand different people studied about space for different and same reasons.


October 13

100 wc

The fighter was fighting and just randomly started doing orange justice clumsily the everyone just stopped. No one moved and everyone froze except the fighter Rem, he stopped doing orange justice and noticed not just everyone in the fight was frozen, EVERYONE WAS FROZEN! He didn’t know what to do and just wandered around looking at what happened. He was scared and had no idea how they froze. He shouted “HELLO!” No one answered. He kept walking and saw everyone around was frozen. He started doing orange justice again. EVERYONE UNFROZE. He was shocked in amazement. To not be continued.


October 7


So far this semester I have achieved quicker maths, I have been getting much quicker at maths (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). I have also achieved sitting next to different people, I sat next to people who I haven’t sat next to before.  I have also achieved helping others more, I have gotten award nominations for helping people. And lastly, I have achieved putting more detail in my writing.

I have not yet managed to write quicker and read quicker.

During this term, I am hoping to learn a lot about the solar system, shapes and angles, and Maths problem solving.