School captain speech

Hi I’m Alex and I think I would be a great school captain. I have been at this school for 5 years and I know it would be hard being school captain but I know I would be a great one. I have done SRC once in grade 4, did a great job and didn’t miss a meeting. I know many things people want on the oval for sport like bigger soccer goals, better grass and toilets. Here are some reasons about why I should be school captain.

I am really organised. I always do my homework that requires organisation, and I also had to plan stuff in SEPEP like training. As a school captain it requires great leadership and I also have that. I was coach in sepep and it requires leadership because you lead the team and tell them what to do. So I would be a great school leader.

I’m an amazing public speaker too. In debates last term I did really well as 3rd speaker in my first debate and 1st in my second. I also have a really loud and projective voice. So I would be able to read awards clearly in assembly.

I am very responsible and a great role model. Many things I do require responsibility like staying home with my sister when my parents go somewhere. I have to look after my sister and that takes responsibility. I am also a great role model. I am a role model to my prep buddy and try to not to do many bad things especially around smaller kids.

I am super reliable too. I have to do many things for my parents. They rely on me to take the rubbish out, clean my room and many more things. I also show the school values. I try to be respectful to people and teachers. I am very optimistic. And care about people and their ideas. I’m very collaborative, I can work with a lot of different people well, not just friends.

I listen to peoples ideas and care about them so people can be heard. I would give everyone a chance to give ideas. I also am very kind to people. When things get hard I persevere and get through. All the time at school I preserve all the time. I don’t like school very much, but I do my best still.

Those were some reasons why I should be school captain. School captain is a role I’d love to have. Thank you for listening to my speech.

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