April 17

100 W.C.

Although Panda and Mandanda ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress, they ran as fast as they could away from the bear to get to the car but the bear was so close.

The bear was about to get Mandanda when he punched the bear so hard he slowed down. They thought they were close when they hit a tree, but got up and kept running the bear was close when the bear hit a tree! But the bear broke the tree. Then they got tired when the bear tripped over a log. They got to the car.

March 20

100 W.C. … but how did he get up there?…

I was looking up a tall building when Agrtkggrfdj was there. But how did he get up there? So I think he turned into Spiderman and climbed up. But then… Evil Spooderman appeared out of nowhere and chased us! We got to our car as fast as we could. But he…

Nearly got us when we dodged him. We sped off. AND OF COURSE SOMETHING CRAZY WILL HAPPEN LIKE THIS. He teleported to us. Then he went flying off! We got homed and locked all doors. It looked like we were safe when… HE WAS AT OUR WINDOW! Then we…

March 18



Facts:                                                                                                                                                                                                           Taxes are bad. The more you earn the more your taxes are. Taxes go to your leader.

Questions:                                                                                                                                                                                                   Why does the government want your hard worked money? Are the government the only ones who get tax money?

Understanding:                                                                                                                                                                                         I understand taxes are things that you pay to the government and the government uses to improve things.

March 14

100 W.C. Goal: To make it more entertaining

One dumb day there was a teacup. But… The teacup was haunted… Yes, a haunted teacup… So AlexPanda picked it up and got flung. Poopy Pants laughed and AlexPanda said why laugh? “HAAHAHAHAHAHAA YOUR NAME IS POOPY PANTS, SO YOU POOP YOUR PANTS.” So Poopy Pants cried like a little baby. And AlexPanda Laughed. They were surely not friends and did not get along. So, they fought each other. And AlexPanda punched him so hard that Poopy Pants got flung away! “HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA, REKT!” So they never became friends, never ever. And in my opinion, Poopy Pants is a big noob.

March 12



Facts Green. Questions Red. Understanding Blue

The Federal can override state and local. There are over 500 local governments in Australia. Federal takes care of the whole country.

One part had the federal woman give her money, do you get money for free? Why does federal override the others?

I understand all governments have different responsibilities. 

March 6

100 W.C.

Prompt: But what if I was in charge?

One stupid boring day I was bored. So I played soccer. No, wait, but what if I was in charge of a soccer team? I made a soccer team called Awesome Alex FC.

On our first match, we won 3 – 1. On our second match, something crazy happened. We were losing 5 – 1 with 32 minutes to go. Then, we scored a goal to make it 5 – 2. With 27 minutes to go, we scored again! We scored 2 goals in 2 minutes! It was level. It was a penalty for them… They nearly scored but, The keeper saved it! We drew 5 – 5!

My goal was to make the reader more tied in.

March 2

Australian Government

Dear Humans who see this,
In this lesson, I learned about Australia’s government. Australia’s government is a democracy. We have a constitution, Parliament and 3 Levels of government. Our system is also a Monarchy because we have a queen.

Questions: Who picked our country to be a democracy? What if the votes were equal?


February 28

BTN Reflection


Keys: Facts Red, Questions Blue, Understandings: Green.

Summary: It was about older school kids learning about leading.

The day was called National Young Leaders Day. It was when older school kids were leading. It was so they could improve on leadership.

Why wasn’t it for younger kids too? What did they exactly learn?

I understand that they were learning about leading.