June 17


Facts: Adults don’t react to natural disasters as kids. Don’t lock yourself in a room in a natural disaster. Do not drive through floods.

Questions: Do you easily notice a natural disaster? What’s the safest thing to do in floods?

Understanding: I understand to stay calm in natural disasters and not be dumb.


June 17

100 W.C

Gurl was having a great day! However, she didn’t believe what she had done. She did something no other person her age would want to do, jump off a cliff into the ocean. I was a world record, the highest ever cliff jump record. When she was about to do it she was scared, very scared. She was even shaking like she was in -99 degrees. Then she jumped, thousands of people were watching. She screamed when she was falling. But then the worst thing happened, she belly flopped! From 217 metres!!! She got up and was fine! She survived it, wow!

June 10


Facts: In Capetown, there is a huge drought. Soon they could have no water at all. At the moment they only get 50 litres of water a day.

Questions: Couldn’t countries send them water? How much longer is this predicted to go on for?

Understanding: I understand Capetown in Africa is having a huge drought and people there can’t do as much because of this.

June 10

100 WC

A huge pink daffodil was on the bridge. But there’s a question you may be asking, how is it growing on a bridge? That’s the thing about it, it’s weird. But one normal day something not normal happened, someone was admiring it, and they were about to step on it when it talked. That’s pretty weird. It said; Wait, don’t step on me! So the person didn’t, they just walked away. This daffodil is very weird and unlike any other daffodil. No one else that day did anything like that. The daffodil nearly got stepped on the next day, but.

To be continued.

June 6

Why Kids MUST Play SPORT

Why won’t kids just play sport? Imagine a being fat and unhealthy kid! Kids must play sport! Sport is fun and healthy. You can also make a lot of friends playing sport. So here are some amazing reasons why kids must play sport.


Imagine being a kid just using technology all day! Why not make kids play sport? If you find a fit kid its likely they play sport. 50% of kids don’t play sport! I started play sport years ago and it made me much fitter. So get fit kids by playing sport!


Unhealthy kids everywhere, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Get them play sport now! They will become healthier because it works their body. Sport has made me healthier. So get them out of that dark scary cold room now!


Playing is fun! Kids will make new friends playing sport for a team. When I started playing sport for a team I made so many new friends. It is crazy the amount of friends you can make when playing sport! Sport is just so awesome and amazing!


That proves why kids must play sport. Before you read this you weren’t playing sport, but now you surely will play sport. Sport is great for everyone! Make sure to remember those three amazing reason about why kids must play sport. Playing sport will cause good things later in life. So that conclude why kids must play sport.

June 3

Herald Sun Article

Facts: Geologists believe Africa is splitting into to parts. This would creat a new country and it would be pretty big possible even a new continent. This could happen over 10s of millions of years.

Questions: Could this have happened from an earthquake. What if a huge earthquake happened on the crack?

Understanding: I understand that Africa could be starting to split in half and this will cause many things.

May 28

100 WC

Once there was spiky ball. It really hated people touched it. So if someone touched it, it would hurt them with its spikes. It had enough! So it rolled to a place, a beautiful huge expensive look house. It saw someone so it hid. The spiky ball was quite small and people described it as a spooky scary stupid ball. So it very frequently attacked people who said that. Back to the story, it destroyed the house but there was something scary. A skeleton of a human. It would scare anyone away. The ball rolled away so fast to home.

I will try to add an audacity file to this in the next few days so come back in a few days to see it.

May 24


It was about the expenses for kids of soccer in Australia.

Facts: It’s very expensive to play soccer in Australia for kids. It usually costs around 800 dollars or more for kids. This has caused many kids to have stopped playing the game.

Questions: Why do they make it expensive? How many kids has this caused to stop playing?

Understanding: I understand kids soccer fees are very expensive and they should make it cheaper.

May 22

100 W.C.

“Mr. Khen, I don’t understand the instructions.” I say. “Ok you are dumb because you don’t listen.” “You are extra super dumb.” I say. “That’s it, detention for you!” I started running out of the class room as fast as I can. I never wanted to be in that boring ugly classroom anyway. I got out of the school and hid. Teachers started to look for me. One came so close to me that he may of saw me, but not recognised me. I saw a taxi with a short dark haired man with blue eyes in it. He took me home.


May 22

Webinar Reflection

It was about being safe on the internet. On the internet it is dangerous, so you should keep a lot of things private. There are a lot of tricks and scams. Some can trick you into giving someone money. Some scams make you give out important details like your bank account details. So be careful when online.