December 18

6 Room Process

My name is not Pete

At Christmas I’m gonna eat


My best friend Reet

Is gonna come over and eat

He will also get a big beat

My favourite word is YEET

Look at all that meat

I wish meat could say YEET


Don’t talk over Reet.

December 12

6 Room Process With Brooklyn




Your not silly

To eat it




Best food ever

It’s like fire for you

but not for me

You should try it




I eat




Yeah Chilly

This might sound silly

but it is



Chilly Growing

Chilly yeah chilly

Here is my partners Brooklyn

There are lights



Big buildings every where

Everyone is talking

A cool breeze on the water

We are all so happy to be here

We can all hear fire works are going off

All the lights are amazing to see.

December 7

100 w.c

The prompt for this 100 w.c is …the tiger was blocking our escape…

Me and Gobido where in the forest. This forest had a fence around it and a gate to exit. We were exploring when Gobido said ifjekskdsk. I was like um… is that a word? He said I means I’m bored in Lfidkkskw language. I said that is not a language there is something wrong with you we got to go to the doctors. So we were exiting when a tiger was blocking it. We said fiwidisiif to the tiger and kicked his face. So he ate Gobido. I ran. So no doctor for Gobido.




November 22

100 WC

I was at the park with Bob. We saw a creepy statue. It got us a bit scared but we didn’t leave. We were walking at the park at 3:am. The scariest thing in my whole life happened, the statue moved. We ran away but it appeared in front of us. We screamed. It grabbed us. We wriggled free, got a branch, and threw it at it. We kicked it and it broke but we had to pay a lot for breaking it. We said it was haunted no one believed us. We payed 1,000 dollars. Well for us that’s nothing we are rich.

That’s the haunted statue we encountered.

November 20


One day Bob hit his head and cried. “WAAAAAAAAAA!” Cried Bob. No one liked Bob because it was like he was a noob to life. Bob was also so dumb that he walked into walls!


Then Bob made a friend called Nob and they became best friends. They always stayed together. One dumb day they saw a killer clown and they didn’t know what to do. So they stole his truck and sped off. They killer clown caught up, but they ran him over. They went to play soccer but there were 50 killer clowns chasing them. They ran them all over, sped home, and played Xbox, but after half an hour they saw another killer clown this time at the window. Bob got super scared and screamed. Then he ran into the wall and broke it, so he hid in the wall. Bob did crazy dabbing. He was saying; OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH YOU CAN’T FIND ME NOOB! And he was gone.


I didn’t know Bob could do that.

October 31

Prank Wars

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Screams my brother. Then he sprinted off. He woke me up why? Because all he does is annoy me. “Hey Noob, Why did you wake me up!” I shout. It was time to get him back. That day I prepared a prank.


It was the next morning. Here I go.*SPLASH* I left the bucket on his head and sprinted away. “Haha, get rekt Noob!” Next morning he did the worst ever prank. He drew the phrase “LOL”. My next prank on him was super funny. I dropped a box of eggs on him, but he got cut an egg shell and…


We were at hospital and a doctor said he was sick from it somehow. He had Sssmasmourtamoutamas. What is that, I really don’t know? We locked him in his bedroom so we don’t get sick.


Next day I hacked a lot of things including; a PC, an Ipad, and an Iphone.


That’s what happened in my crazy life.

October 31

Haunted House 😈

Me and Bob the builder were at a haunted house. Actually about to explore it. Bob was the most scared, actually the most scared I’ve seen him. I wasn’t scared, actually I was quite exited. We broke a window to get in.


It was super dark in there, we couldn’t see a thing. What made it scarier, it was 3 am. In the kitchen Bob screamed like a girl because there was a dead body hanging on the wall. We went straight to the living room. The TV kept flickering for some reason.


Upstairs we were horrified to see another dead body with blood all over it with a knife in it. There was a message on the wall saying “LEAVE NOW” in blood. We didn’t leave so a black shadow of no body chase us. We sprinted out and sped of in our Mclaren P1.

September 7

To Australia

Coming back from school Charles checked the mail and there was mail. He said, “Mum there’s mail.” Mum said, OK we’ll go inside and give it to dad.” They went inside and gave it to dad.

Dear Sir, you will be moving to Australia to explore. Australia is very big and dangerous. You will get weapons to protect your self’s with. You can bring your family with you and you can come back to London In five years. You will leave on the 2nd of April 1802.

From the Government.

“Oh no! We know nothing about Austalia and why us we love London!” “We should send a letter to them.” Then they sent a letter.

Dear Government, We would not like to go to Australia because we know nothing about Australia, Do we need to go?

Two weeks later got a letter saying they need to go. They were so crestfallen.

It was the day they were going to leave to go to Australia, they weren’t very exited. It was a half an hour walk to the port. They said bye to there family and left.

Seven months later they were there. “I can see it! I think that’s Australia!” says Charles. “who are they, Indians? They were getting off the ship and there were no more Indians (Aboriginals). After that they built a little home for then. But then the Indians (Aboriginals) attacked. “They’re attacking, fight them!” screamed the brother and dad. They were safe after a good half an hour. They lived a good life in Australia and returned to London in five years.

The End

Hear me read my story: