August 25

100 wc

As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face. I WON THE LOTTERY, I WON 50 MILLION DOLLARS. I went outside on to the road and screamed “I WON THE LOTTERY!” No one believed  me though. I found out it was fake. But then the craziest thing you could think of happened, I WON THE ACTUAL LOTTERY THE NEXT DAY, I WON 100 MILLION DOLLARS. But then I though of the best idea, BECOME A GAMER AND DONATE THE REST TO CHARITY. I WOULD BE FAMOUS.

I went on to do that and become…

August 16

100 wc

One day I broke out of prison, why would I do that? Well I went to prison because someone stole a copy of despacito 2 and they thought I did it. So I broke out by breaking through the wall. The didnt notice at all. 20 days later they found out and were hunting for me. So I decided to pack my stuff and move countries. They didn’t even know I left the country! I moved to America and lived there. They never found me. But then I actually stole despacito 2.

But from my own store. That is how I escaped prison

August 12

100 wc

One day fire burnt lime. The lime turned to ice. The lime turned into a clock. The clock wasn’t working, was that because of the frozen lime? Well no it was because the clock had no batteries. Then the clock started working somehow. There was actually a rumour that the clock was haunted and if you see it start working then you will die in 666 seconds. Was it true? Yes. The person who saw it, Moo Meow. Die 666 seconds seconds after he saw the clock. So the rumour was true. That is how Moo Meow died. The clock was haunted.

August 5

100 wc

One weird day the sky was lime for some reason. Everyone was freaked out. They thought the world was ending. Then everything went into flames. But some weird clock didn’t. Everyone was scared and confused. Then everything froze but the clock didn’t, then everything went to normal. Days on the same things regularly happened. It turned out to be a dream! Next couple of days were normal. Till the dream happened in real life! Everything was burned down. except the clock. Then everything froze except the clock. Then everything burned down except the clock and that’s how the world ended.

July 29

100 w.c

The portal more like the turtle

I clearly don’t know how rap while drinking from a tap

The portal more like porta fort

This is a bad dad rap tap

The portal so easy to break Jeez this is turning in in Minecraft

Minecraft mining rap

Who gave me this idea well a stupid beer from a ear

Whats a gear something made from beer

Mine diamonds more like diemonds

The things that make you die diemonds


Is this really a rap made from the tap

ask Bap the tap bye zap app

June 17


Facts: Adults don’t react to natural disasters as kids. Don’t lock yourself in a room in a natural disaster. Do not drive through floods.

Questions: Do you easily notice a natural disaster? What’s the safest thing to do in floods?

Understanding: I understand to stay calm in natural disasters and not be dumb.


June 17

100 W.C

Gurl was having a great day! However, she didn’t believe what she had done. She did something no other person her age would want to do, jump off a cliff into the ocean. I was a world record, the highest ever cliff jump record. When she was about to do it she was scared, very scared. She was even shaking like she was in -99 degrees. Then she jumped, thousands of people were watching. She screamed when she was falling. But then the worst thing happened, she belly flopped! From 217 metres!!! She got up and was fine! She survived it, wow!

June 10


Facts: In Capetown, there is a huge drought. Soon they could have no water at all. At the moment they only get 50 litres of water a day.

Questions: Couldn’t countries send them water? How much longer is this predicted to go on for?

Understanding: I understand Capetown in Africa is having a huge drought and people there can’t do as much because of this.

June 10

100 WC

A huge pink daffodil was on the bridge. But there’s a question you may be asking, how is it growing on a bridge? That’s the thing about it, it’s weird. But one normal day something not normal happened, someone was admiring it, and they were about to step on it when it talked. That’s pretty weird. It said; Wait, don’t step on me! So the person didn’t, they just walked away. This daffodil is very weird and unlike any other daffodil. No one else that day did anything like that. The daffodil nearly got stepped on the next day, but.

To be continued.

June 6

Why Kids MUST Play SPORT

Why won’t kids just play sport? Imagine a being fat and unhealthy kid! Kids must play sport! Sport is fun and healthy. You can also make a lot of friends playing sport. So here are some amazing reasons why kids must play sport.


Imagine being a kid just using technology all day! Why not make kids play sport? If you find a fit kid its likely they play sport. 50% of kids don’t play sport! I started play sport years ago and it made me much fitter. So get fit kids by playing sport!


Unhealthy kids everywhere, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Get them play sport now! They will become healthier because it works their body. Sport has made me healthier. So get them out of that dark scary cold room now!


Playing is fun! Kids will make new friends playing sport for a team. When I started playing sport for a team I made so many new friends. It is crazy the amount of friends you can make when playing sport! Sport is just so awesome and amazing!


That proves why kids must play sport. Before you read this you weren’t playing sport, but now you surely will play sport. Sport is great for everyone! Make sure to remember those three amazing reason about why kids must play sport. Playing sport will cause good things later in life. So that conclude why kids must play sport.